Santa Monica Soft Pedalers Tour de Libraries: A Bike Ride Excursion for Seniors

Santa Monica seniors, here’s your chance to get fit, learn some handy safety tips, and get to the know the library system better. On Wednesday, April 19, Santa Monica Bike Center, Santa Monica Public Library, Santa Monica Commission for the Senior Community, and local non-profit Sustainable Streets team up to host the Santa Monica Soft Pedalers Tour de Libraries, a bicycle tour of Santa Monica Public Library’s five locations. The easily-paced “tour” begins at 10 a.m. and continues until noon.

Senior citizens are disproportionately affected by traffic-related injuries and deaths in Santa Monica. In a landscape that can be terrifying at any age, strength in numbers will pave the way for a safer and healthier streetscape. This Soft Pedalers bicycle ride empowers our senior community to engage in safe and smart active transportation. Along the route, instructors will share the dos and don’ts of bike riding, and at each destination we’ll share some of the great programs and benefits the library system has to offer.

The tour includes a “tri-shaw” for two disabled seniors to join the ride. To register for the “tri-shaw” use contact information below. Bring your own bike and helmet. Santa Monica Bike Center will also provide bikes for registered participants who don’t own a bike of their own. To register for the tour, email or call (310) 656-8500.

-Submitted by Judith S. Graham, Public Services Librarian