Downtown Santa Monica (File photo)


It’s DCP Day in Downtown Santa Monica.

The City is releasing the long anticipated Downtown Community Plan (DCP) today.

The DCP will outline a set of standards and criteria to guide development throughout Downtown Santa Monica – which extends from the beach to both sides of Lincoln Boulevard. All subdivisions and new buildings constructed after the plan will have to be consistent with its guidelines for height, density and mobility.

“After years of community involvement including an intensive community engagement and listening program over the past year where 2,000 residents shared their vision for the future of Downtown Santa Monica, the final public hearing draft Downtown Community Plan (DCP) will be released on April 12,” said Chief Communications Officer Debbie Lee in a statement.

The official release event is open to the public and will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Civic Center East Wing. Planners will be available to discuss the plan and will walk through highlights of the document.

Lee said the plan builds on past efforts to incentivize housing, revitalize the Third Street Promenade, preserve historic assets, stimulate art and cultural activities, and address sustainability.

“The final draft DCP provides specific results-oriented actions to make Downtown more vibrant and accessible to a larger section of residents and visitors, and it promotes urban sustainability by accommodating future residential and employee populations within a pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented district,” said the statement.

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Matthew Hall and Kate Cagle contributed to this story