Delivering Hope: Delivering More Than A Meal

A few weeks ago U.S. Budget Director Michael Mulvaney said, “Meals on Wheels sounds great … but to take the federal money and give it to the states and say, look, we want to give you money for programs that don’t work — I can’t defend that anymore.”

The facts are that Meals on Wheels programs do work. A Brown University study documents the effectiveness of providing nutritious meals. Our Delivering More Than a Meal program helps reduce healthcare costs. MOW West can feed someone for a year for the cost of one day in the hospital.

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for their amazing response to this threat to eliminate Meals on Wheels funding. We have received many e-mails, calls and more than 30 new volunteers have signed up. Thank you to the supporters that have responded by donating about $6,000.

However, if all Federal funding was eliminated MOW West would lose almost $84,000. The reality is that we need financial support of many more local organizations and individuals. Every dollar helps us fulfill our mission of providing healthy and nutritious meals and a daily Wellness Check to our clients, your neighbors. We are Delivering Hope

In the last three years we have seen growth of more than 50% in the number of clients and meals we deliver. Our funding streams have been unable to meet this growing demand and now, with the threat of losing government funding, we need help even more to continue to serve meals to your homebound neighbors. We serve Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Pacific Palisades and Malibu. There is Hidden Hunger even in the most affluent communities.

We need your help to purchase and deliver 100,000 meals this year. Imagine if everyone donated $1 towards the purchase of a meal.

Please join our $1 to 100,000 – Delivering Hope Drive

You can donate $1 or $10 or $100 or $1,000 or whatever amount you prefer. Every dollar counts and every dollar will go to purchasing and delivering 100,000 meals.

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Chris Baca is the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels West