YoungArts LA


It is time for multiple of Crossroads students to participate in this years’ YoungArts Los Angeles event.

Every year thousands of students apply for YoungArts honors. Next week five students from Crossroads School will be participating in YoungArts LA; Junior, Issac Pross, focusing on Classical Music Compositon. Senior Xavier Carr, focusing on Design Arts, Senior Alec Schulman, focusing on Jazz keyboard, Senior Noah Simon, is focusing on Classical Piano, and Senior Ethan Treiman, is focusing on Classical Music Composition.

The National YoungArts Foundation was founded by Lin and Ted Arison, and has been dedicated to furthering the skills of young artistic kids all over the country, and here in Santa Monica.

“YoungArts LA is a week filled with master classes, chamber music, performances, and more artistic opportunities,” said Senior Noah Simon. “I am looking forward to working with other musicians my age and hopefully make great friends.”

YoungArts LA is a weeklong program consisting of winners in different mediums, from visual, performance, literary and design. Throughout the week students have the ability to learn and work with masters in their artistic field. Students perform or present their work through performances or exhibits, depending on their platform.

The YoungArts consist of ten disciplines across the visual, literary, design, and performing arts. Cinematic Arts, Design Arts, Theater, Writing, Classical Music, Dance, Jazz, Photography, Visual Arts and Voice.

“All of the participants have been designated as YoungArts Winners but to help them foster their artistic practice and to form lasting and important relationships with their peers as well as artistic luminaries in their field,” said YoungArts Public Relations Officer, Alexis Slater.
Senior Ethan Treiman has been playing the piano for eight years now and started composing four years ago. He recently studied composition at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute Young Artistic Composer Program.

“I’ve written for orchestra, string quartet, wind quintet, brass quintet, mixed choir, and many others,” said Treiman. “I am looking forward to getting to meet talented kids across arts disciplines. Also several of my friends from Crossroads will also be attending YoungArts, and I am glad to get to share this experience with them.”

YoungArts LA offers teens a life changing experience, with guidance and support. To many of these kids, their dream is to become the best musician they can be, and they believe this program can help them achieve their dream.

“It is a huge honor and privilege to have been selected by YoungArts, I hope to bring pride to my school and its music program,” said Simon. “I wouldn’t be the musician that I am today if it weren’t for this city.”


YoungArts performances


March 30, 2017

Jazz Performance and Writers Readings

8 p.m. directed by Dr. Ron McCurdy and Joan Morgan

UCLA Schoenberg Hall


March 31, 2017

Classical Music Performance

8 p.m. directed by Jeffrey Ziegler

UCLA Schoenberg Hall


April 1, 2017

Dance, Theater and Voice Performance

8 p.m. directed by John Heginbotham, Gabrielle Stravelli and Daniel Pettrow

UCLA Royce Hall


April 2, 2017

Visual Arts, Photography and Design Exhibition Opening

2 p.m. curated by John Tain

Building Bridges Art Exchange, Santa Monica


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