In 1888, famed author Rudyard Kipling published “The Man Who Would Be King” a novella about two scheming British adventurers who con their way into becoming kings in a remote part of Afghanistan. In 1975, it was adapted into an epic movie starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine.

In 2017, Donald Trump, conned his way (bogus tax audit?) into becoming King of America. Or, at least that’s apparently what he thinks. Proof is the series of baseless and outrageous tweets he sent in the wee hours this past Saturday morning.

Like a petulant and vengeful child, Trump asserted that Barack Obama, committed an extremely serious felony by ordering his phones tapped. (Trump misspelled tap as “tapp,” a mistake a kid in grade-school wouldn’t make.)

For the past fifteen months, I’ve questioned Trump’s mental stability. These latest “tweets too far,” however, suggest more alarming emotional issues. Ironically, the tweet tantrum followed Trump’s “successful” speech to a joint session of Congress. (All it proved to me, however, was he could read someone  else’s words and that he’d learned to use an “indoor voice.”)

Given the gravity of Trump’s claims against Obama, an unheard of  one president attacking another, make his next tweet even more disturbing. Talk about bi-polar or A.D.D.,  Trump bashed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sagging ratings on “The Apprentice.”  (I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.)

Backing up a few months, during the transition Obama warned Trump that N. Korea would be “The most urgent problem you will face.” And, sure enough,  here we are approaching the possibility of a nuclear showdown with N. Korea and Trump is tweeting about Arnold?? (Responding, Arnold joked, “I think he’s in love with me.”)

Let’s summarize just some of Trump’s past detachments from reality. To get out of the army during Vietnam, he claimed he had a very painful bone spur. And yet,  all these years later he couldn’t remember on which foot.  During the campaign, he said he saw on TV “tens of thousands Muslims cheering the collapse of WTC.” (Never happened.) He also claimed that he lost “hundreds of friends” in 9/11, later amended that to “some friends” and yet, did not attend a single funeral.

For over 5 years he asserted that Obama wasn’t born in America. He even claimed he sent private detectives to Hawaii and “what they found is amazing.” Except, obviously he didn’t send anyone. Trump never admitted he was wrong or apologized. (“I’m not big on apologies,” he said shamelessly.)

When Obama beat Romney by 5,000,000 votes in 2012,  Trump called for a recount claiming the election had been stolen. When Justice Scalia died Trump thought “something was fishy” because the pillow was reportedly on Scalia’s face. When Trump secured the GOP nomination he proceeded to accuse Ted Cruz’s father of helping Oswald kill JFK.  Are those the views of a sane person? (Whose tiny fingers are near the nuclear button.)

Further insight came at a recent press conference where a reporter challenged Trump’s false claim that he had gotten the most electoral votes since Reagan. He noted that Obama had won more electoral votes than Trump had, to which King Donald said, “Oh, I meant Republicans.”  Undaunted, the reporter noted that George H.W. Bush had gotten more electoral votes. Perplexed, Trump threw up his arms, “Well, somebody told me I did.”

“Somebody told me I did?” That’s his answer?  Apparently, somebody must have told him Obama tapped his phones. Given his reported tantrums in the Oval Office, I think Donald’s mental health is getting worse. Keep in mind, that Trump, until something changes (please!),  is in charge of the nuclear code.  God, heaven or higher power, help us.

Among Trump’s defenders is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Deputy White House Press Secretary and daughter of right-wing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Mrs. Sanders  suggested, “if this happened” (Obama tapped Trump) it would be the greatest presidential scandal of all-time. Joe Scarborough (of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” TV show) countered,  “Yes, and if President Obama helped O.J. kill Nicole that would be the greatest presidential scandal of all time.”

Trump is such a dictator, he apparently thinks a president can just order a wire tap.  After Nixon’s abuse of power,  the FISA Court was created. If they issued a warrant it means that an independent judge, appointed by the Chief Justice, thought there was enough evidence incriminating Trump, i.e. possible collusion with Russians, to justify it. Or, Trump is making the whole thing up, like his “tax audit.” (Since he promised so often, he MUST be compelled to release his returns!)

In “The Man Who Would Be King,” the two con artists didn’t end well. Though their fate was deserved, I almost felt sorry for them. As for “The Child Who Would Be King,” I feel sorry for our country.


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