I was horrified listening to Steven Miller, now senior advisor to the president for policy, rant about immigrants on the national talk shows this past weekend. The vitriol and apparent hatred of anyone different from him spewing from the cold, emotionless lips of this 31 year old graduate of SM High ( Samo High Graduate behind Trump’s Inauguration Speech SMDP Jan 20, 2017) should send a chill up everyone’s spine.
That Santa Monica, the tolerant, inclusive city that rejoices in its multiculturalism, could produce such a hate-filled, now powerful spokesperson for the POTUS, is beyond frightening. Who will be next?
This rhetoric and the anti-immigrant polices it produces are terrifying the Latino communities around us. There are reports that many now keep their kids from going to school, or miss work to stay home for fear that immigration will  detain and deport them.
But we are still a country of laws that protect EVERYONE, regardless of legal status.
If you, like me, cross paths daily with so many people whose legal status is unknown, who are hardworking and just trying to eke out a living, there is something that you can do.
Go to www. ACLU.com and print up copies of “Know Your Rights” in English and Spanish. Start sharing this information with everyone. It is our responsibility as human beings. We cannot let hatred win over love.

Michele Modglin

Santa Monica