On February 11, 2017 the Santa Monica- Malibu Unified School District learned that Santa Monica High School senior, Kelly Cano passed.

According to her mother, Sandra Cano, an SMMUSD school nurse, the doctors have stated Cano passed away of unknown medical conditions. There is no connection to the recent Norovirus outbreak at John Adams Middle School.

Cano was 18 years old, on the swim team and sang for the school’s choir.

The high school will be offering counseling in the library for any student who needs assistance. Teachers will have resources available as well.

This will be the second student at Samohi since Oct. 2016 that has passed because of unknown conditions. Parents are expressing concerns, as two students passing within a short amount of time is unusual and could possibly be related to public health within the school.

“We have worked closely with Los Angeles County Department of Public Heath and, by law, if there are any public health issues, we must notify parents and take whatever appropriate action they recommend,” said SMMUSD spokesperson, Gail Pinsker. “There is no public health issue. This is a sad situation that Samohi has lost two students in a short time period and we continue to be here to support students and staff as needed.”

There is no information at this time regarding funeral arrangements.