Cornerstone CEO Adam Miller talks to parents



Generation gaps have long been mined for humor. The clichés vary based on the target audience but either the older generation is unable to understand the newfangled world or the youth lack the fortitude of their elders to make it in the real world.

The stereotypes abound in modern culture but with the rapid pace of modern technology, entire careers and job titles come into being seemingly overnight and the reality is many millennial’s can have difficulties explaining to their parents what they do for a living, especially when they work for a tech company. Which is why Cornerstone OnDemand, is implementing Bring Your Parents to Work Day.

The idea began with the online social media platform Linkedin. According to the website, about one third of parents don’t understand what their kids do for a living. Linkedin said the events offers something for everyone. Employees can show their parents how their investments of time, money and energy have paid off, parents gain a deeper understanding of their children’s lives and the companies can foster a more satisfied workforce.

Cornerstone hosted their 3rd Annual Bring Your Parents to Work Day on Wednesday, Feb. 1, because family is a key value to CEO Adam Miller.

“With bring your parents to work day it is a great opportunity to bring them and show them what you do and what kind of environment you work in,” said Spokesperson, Katie Sells. “Also it’s the perfect time to really show them what you do for a living.”

Cornerstone OnDemand helps organizations to recruit, train and manage their people. They work with hundreds of large companies from Walgreens to Xerox. It is among the first Los Angeles based companies to join tech companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, and Google, who have all participated in the event in the past.

“I knew very little about the company, but now that I am here and I can actually see what he does, it provides insight and knowledge for me,” said Mother, Mahnaz Azizi. “I feel even more proud now that I know who he is surrounded by and the environment he works in.”

The parents received a tour of the 3-story office, in a office building of six floors, along with a presentation from the CEO, Adam Miller, and multiple workshops about team building, and presenting an elevator pitch. The day ended with a Happy Hour.

“Everyone here is so nice, and friendly. I am just in sheer envy,” said Mother Leslie Geller. “I love this event, inviting parents who have no idea what their kids actually do is smart.”

Both mothers agree that the millennial generation is different but in a positive way. Leslie Geller worked on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center in a traditional environment with angry bosses and constant work.

“Its amazing here! People are expected to get their work done with very little micro management and there seems to be an understanding that creativity and innovation comes from having down time,” said Leslie.