Inspirational leader




Today, I was watching MSNBC which is my favorite station for news and I heard Greta Van Susteren telling her invited guest that after Friday’s inauguration, “President Obama would be just a nobody.” At first, I was appalled then I was enraged. If I were not social media phobic, I would have gone on Twitter or Facebook to vent! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized two things. One, what Greta meant is that Obama would no long be the most powerful man in the free world, no longer be under the microscope of the world, no longer the game changer, no longer the president! No disrespect meant.

The second thing I realized is that Greta (and probably most of America) has no clue what Barack Obama really means to most of us. He was like no other president including Clinton and to be honest, he surpassed even JFK in my eyes. And to black folks, he was more than our president, he was like our favorite uncle who was a very popular coach, teacher or actor who is the hero of the family. Oh, the pride we feel for this man! Multiply that times 100 and that approximates the feeling black folks have for this man who was in our eyes was a savior, leader, role model and forever our president. Don’t get it twisted, Obama could never ever be a “nobody”!

Alan L. Quinn

Santa Monica