Boxing Gloves at Box 'N Burn


Boxing has earned a local following in Santa Monica thanks to professional fights hosted at the airport and locals who might be inspired to pickup up some of the fitness related skills, without the actual fighting, can do so at one of several boxing gyms.

Boxing as a sport requires a high level of athleticism, agility, endurance, and power. Turning the sport into a fitness activity enables the average person to have those same physical abilities, without having to take a punch.

Boxing studios, like Box ‘N Burn Santa Monica (1654 Lincoln Blvd.) are stepping away from the hard-nosed atmosphere and creating an environment that is welcoming for just about anyone.

Co-Owner of Box ‘N Burn, and Co-Creator of Box ‘N Burn Academy, Tony Jeffries said, “I don’t want people to feel intimated by the gym, I want them to feel welcomed and part of the community.”

Each member that has walked into Box ‘N Burn has felt the environment of dedication and family.

“I came here five years ago, and my business partner Kevan Watson and I started a boot camp on the beach for donations only so we really weren’t making money at all. Still we loved it, and we received a committed following of people,” said Jeffries. “Next thing we know we have a location in Santa Monica and decided to open the gym and the rest is history.”

Tony Jeffries, is a 2008 Olympic Games Bronze medalist, he has won seven British titles, multiple international titles and has a total of 106 career fights. He has since stopped fighting because of multiple hand injuries but remains active in the industry. Training everyone and anyone who is willing to work hard. Some of his past cliental includes Chris Hemsworth, Travis Barker, and Tim Teebow.

Jeffries explains that boxing can be for anyone and everyone. Around 70% of Box ‘N Burn Santa Monica’s cliental are female.

“Boxing has got so many benefits, it’s great for losing weight and keeping fit. People even say it’s a great stress reliever, when you are boxing you are focused, and your not thinking about anything else,” said Jeffries. “Its really good for your mind, especially since you are not getting hit.”

Individuals at can burn 800+ calories in 60 minutes. The class consists of real boxing technique with one on one mitt work, bag work, strength and conditioning, agility, and plyometric.

In addition to stress management and cardio work, boxing can also benefit bones density by applying pressure in a way that can help prevent bone loss. Working with specific boxing equipment can also improve hand eye coordination and the kind of weight loss achieved through boxing goes beyond just calorie burning to include muscle-building and strength training.

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