Cardio Barre



In a fitness-focused city like Santa Moncia, there are workout options that cater to any preference and need. With several studios located inside city limits, both barre and pilates classes offer exercise options that cater to gym-goers who want something outside the traditional treadmill/bench-press environment.

When people make a fitness based New Year’s resolution, they are often focused on the physical improvements they want to make but for some gym operators, getting the body in shape is a tool for improving the mind.

Cardio Barre, Santa Monica (3009 Lincoln Blvd.) has been in business for four years and over 300 members are continually attending the Santa Monica studio. Owner Luaren Faretta said she opened this studio because she ultimately wanted to improve happiness within herself and in others.

“The mission of each class is for every person to walk out of the studio with a positive mindset,” she said.

Faretta was not a trainer, life coach or even a business owner, just a woman who wanted to grow and improve her lifestyle.

“We are unique in which we focus first on the inner transformations. To improve thought patterns, self-love and finding the discipline to create healthy daily habits. This naturally leads to the physical change,” said Faretta. “We hope by building this up in Cardio Barre that they too will go out into the community and spread the same positive influence.”

Barre workouts are based on classic ballet techniques. The classes utilize a set of parallel poles mounted horizontally along the wall known as a ballet barre.

Cardio Barre is a high energy and no impact exercise class that combines barre work and lightweights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workouts are toning and resistance exercise for the legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles.

Faretta said the fitness studio is a place where members can enjoy working out and be surrounded by a supportive family.

“It is very important to us that we continue our wellness journey together every day of the year,” said Vanessa Van Overmeer, Head of Sales/Operation. “We want everyone to jump on in when they are ready to commit to themselves and make a difference in their lives.”

The studio offers Barre 35, a thirty-five-minute version of the Cardio Barre class offering the highest level of cardio and intensity. The fast-paced workout will give you a hardcore, full body intensive workout.

The studio also offers Floor Barre sculpt, a technique in ballet training that takes the basic ballet barre training from the standing position to the floor. Floor Barre Sculpt enables you to strengthen joints and muscles, correct alignment, release tension, and prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

At the end of the day these exercises are meant to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, as you are burning fat.

Now if barre workouts aren’t for you, but you’re still interested in the long, lean result then maybe Pilates is the place to try another type of fat burning workout.

Pilates was created in the 1920’s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates and was created for the purpose of rehabilitation. Some of the first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war, to strengthen their bodies and heal their aches and pains.

Santa Monica has countless number of Pilate’s studios. Pilates Place (1506 Montana Ave.), is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Owners Sarah Leifer and Carrie Jacobsen explain that Pilates is a form of resistance training, which strengthens the muscles while lengthening them. Every movement begins from the core, with the idea that your core is your powerhouse.

The core is defined as the muscles of the stomach, lower back and hips. Working the core muscles often improves balance and body control as much as it impacts weight loss.

“The apparatus uses springs, not weights, as resistance making it safe on the joints. Every Pilates lesson involves whole body movement, balanced muscle development, concentration, control, centering, precision, rhythm, and proper breathing,” said Leifer.

Pilates works on strength but also flexibility, coordination, proper posture, integration of mind and body, self-awareness and self-confidence.

“Every Pilates lesson involves whole body movement, balanced muscle development, concentration, control, centering, rhythm and proper breathing,” said Jacobsen.

Leifer and Jacobsen said, “At our studio we have clients that range from 16 years old to 94 years old. Everybody can do it, no matter what shape or size.”