Million Woman March

The Million Woman March was a historical event. It happened all over the world, from places like Los Angeles all the way to Nairobi, Kenya, on January 21, 2017. People who got really upset during the election decided to stand up for what they believed in and held protests.

Women from all around California came to the protest in downtown Los Angeles. Some women brought their families, while others came in groups or by themselves. The range of people at this event went from kids to senior citizens.

“I’m here because I support women’s rights,” says Robert, a disabled man from Long Beach, California. He held a sign that said “We cannot succeed when half of us are held back”, a quote by Malala Yousafzai, a female rights activist.

During the March, it was so crowded that in the course of 10 minutes, you would probably walk 20-30 steps. People marched as a group, together. This march was also a place where friends reunited and protested together.

There were marchers waving the American Indian Movement flag, in protest of the North Dakota Pipeline. Other protestors included a feminist group from a high school in Hermosa Beach, veterans, and kids from Crossroads School.

In the end, thousands of people of all backgrounds and cultures came together to protest the election and Donald Trump.


Dylan and Sam are 5th graders who attend Carlthorp School. They are training to be photojournalists and look for events (like this one) to document. They both love to take photos and have been for 1 year.