Ever since the election I’ve had a re-occurring nightmare. Because of global warming, waves pound my 3rd floor apartment. Even worse, a series of atomic bombs causes nuclear ash to fill the air. (Meanwhile, I have books overdue at the library.)

I desperately try to escape along with my neighbor, who, in real life, voted for Trump. As we struggle to save our lives, he says, “I’ll never forgive Hillary’s emails.” I resist my urge to drown him on the spot. (All is not lost, however, as, given the apocalyptic circumstances, the library waives the late fees.)

Speaking of nightmares, today is the Inauguration of the most unqualified, undeserving, grandiose, ignorant and narcissistic president of my lifetime. Entering office, Trump has a 37% approval rating, the lowest in history. Clinton, George W. and Obama had ratings above 60%. (However, the KKK and Nazi Party are thrilled with Trump’s election.)

Personally, I won’t watch a second of the Inauguration. I’d sooner tune to the Weather Channel. I don’t care for the Weather Channel but the odds of seeing Trump are remote. Hopefully.

Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3,000,000 (More than all but 9 presidents.) And this election was interfered with by a foreign power for the first time since 1790. Therefore, my response to Trump’s sudden call for unity is two-fold: You are not my president and release your tax returns and we can talk “unity.”

Trump promised his returns when Obama released his birth certificate. Obama did so in 2011 but in 2017 Trump is still using the “audit excuse.” I’m convinced the audit was just a ruse, as his whole life has been a series of ruses.

As Marco Rubio labeled him, we have a con artist in the White House and no idea of his dealings with Russia and other foreign powers. The American people have the right to know about the person whose fingers (no matter how small) are near the nuclear button.

During the campaign, Trump insulted, among others: John McCain, POW’s, the Pope, immigrants, the disabled, a Gold Star family, women whose genitals he bragged about grabbing, civil rights legend John Lewis and Meryl Streep.

But there’s one person The Donald never criticizes, Vladimir Putin. Russia’s brutal dictator routinely jails or even kills political opponents and journalists. He’s also responsible for the slaughter of thousands at Aleppo. And yet, Trump aka, “Putin’s Puppet,” loves the guy.

An authoritarian who quotes Mussolini, Trump submissively lavishes praise on Putin, the former head of the KBG. On a government pension, Putin became Russia’s wealthiest person. He must be incredibly thrifty.

But the tip off of a Trump ruse with Putin came at the 2016 GOP convention. The GOP platform has always been harsh about Russian aggression. But this year, a plank advocating lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine to help resist Russian incursions, mysteriously disappeared. Feigning innocence, Trump stammered, “I don’t know anything about it.” You could almost see his nose growing.

Obviously there was a quid pro quo that likely included Russia releasing anti-Hillary Wikileaks. Add to that FBI director James Comey’s reopening the investigation of Clinton’s private email server 11 days before the election, and, voila, we have President Trump. (I get ill just saying it.)

Much like Trump University, The Donald’s entire campaign has been one giant ruse, starting with his “Make America Great Again.” In 1980 Ronald Reagan’s slogan was “Let’s Make America Great Again. Trump merely dropped the “let’s,” and, like so many dictators in history, uttered “I, alone, am the only one who can fix this.”

The list of Trump ruses is endless, including his many bankruptcies in which he stiffed small businesses. Also seemingly endless is Trump’s whining like a spoiled child, including impulsive and juvenile 3-AM tweets. What sane person does that?

Anyone who disagrees with thin-skinned Trump is subject to his contempt. Like all fascists, Trump demeans the press. His first post election press conference was an embarrassment to democracy. He blatantly refused to take questions from certain news organizations while favoring those friendly to him. As Trump might tweet, “Sad.”

More whining. For five years Trump led the birther movement which labeled Obama an illegitimate president. But when Congressman John Lewis says Trump is “not legitimate,” The Donald has a hissy fit.

I fear Trump won’t just be a bad president, he’ll be dangerous. So what to do? Whereas Trump quotes Mussolini, I prefer Eleanor Roosevelt, “Rather than curse the darkness, light a candle.” Or Florynce Kennedy, the daughter of a black Pullman porter and a co-founder of NOW. “Don’t agonize, organize!”

As for me, until I get my fighting spirit back, I’ll be watching the Weather Channel as we are in for a series of storms. I worry they’ll be nothing compared to the storms the ego-maniacal Trump will cause.


Is Trump mentally ill? Click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS4Lw2yMmuA&t=243s

Jack can be reached at: jnsmdp@aol.com.