2017 Breeze

 Breeze Bike Share allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cycling without the need to own a bike. You can leave a Breeze Bike Share Bike just about anywhere that you want and not worry about repairs or storage. You can even make money by returning a stray Breeze bike to a bike share station.

Become a new Annual Member from now until February 1st and receive a $20 discount by entering the promo code BREEZE2017 upon sign-up. Did you know that Annual Members get 90 minutes of daily ride time for just $0.22 a day? 90 minutes a day is plenty for trips around town, for fun, and commuting. Riding 90 minutes a day will help you reach New Year’s resolutions to improve your health, reduce stress and help the environment!

Becoming an Annual Member is the most cost-conscious way to enjoy Breezing around town. If you are a Monthly or Pay-As-You-Go Member who rides more than 60 minutes per MONTH, you’ll save money by switching to a Breeze Annual Membership!

Coming later this year, your Annual Membership will also work on bike share bikes in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Long Beach, and the UCLA campus. You’ll be able enjoy five times the area with zero hassle.

Breeze into the new year, now, with $20 off your new annual Breeze Bike Share membership at: www.breezebikeshare.com