On November 26 at about 2:25 p.m.

Officers responded to a radio call for service at the Apple Store- 1415 3rd Street Promenade regarding an assault that just occurred involving the store’s Loss Prevention Agent. The suspect was being detained by the Loss Prevention Agent. According to the Loss Prevention Agent, the suspect entered the store and was immediately recognized as a subject previously detained for shoplifting. The LP Agent informed the store manager. The store manager told the suspect he could not be in the store and asked him to leave. The suspect became upset and began to yell at the manager. The manager called the police prompting the suspect to exit the store. The LP Agent followed the suspect outside. Once outside, the suspect swung at the Agent several times striking him twice. The suspect began to run southbound on the Promenade. The Agent gave chase and tackled the suspect a short distance away. The suspect was detained until police arrival.

Jose N. Aguillon, homeless, was arrested for battery.