Dear Editor,

I am a 7th grader at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica and also a Boy Scout in Troop 223. After reading the article by Gary Rhoades, Deputy City Attorney, about smoking illegally in a multi-unit apartment complex (November 9, 2016), I was infuriated as to why someone would be so callous to another person for a very wrong reason. Not only is this man, Rudy, breaking the law, but also putting a small girl’s life in danger. And he is just a small part of a larger population of smokers in Santa Monica. Everywhere I go whether it be The Cove Skatepark, Montana Avenue or The Promenade, people are smoking and I become a second hand smoker instantly. It is not only bad to breath in the smoke, but it is also pollution, and I want to keep Santa Monica’s air clean. For these reasons, I believe smoking should be completely forbidden in Santa Monica, and anybody who disobeys this law should be fined a good amount of money.


Joey Hoover