On Nov. 7 at approximately 1:30 p.m.

Officers working patrol in the downtown area responded to a call for service at an apartment building in the 600 block of Broadway regarding trespassers at the location. Two subjects were lying down with a blanket in one of the stairwells which is only accessible by residents with an electronic key fob. According to the on-site supervisor the two subjects had been contacted but refused to leave. When officers entered the stairwell they found the subjects sleeping. They saw multiple backpacks, food, electronics and clothing on the floor next to the subjects. Also found on one of the subjects was a paper packet with a crystalline substance in it. The subjects were placed under private person’s arrest and transported to Santa Monica jail. Inside of one of the subjects backpack a black BMW carrier, a key fob and blank checks in the name of another person were discovered. Officers contacted the owner of the blank checks and found out that her car had been recently been burglarized in the same area. Based on the recovery of multiple pieces of property found. Both subjects were booked for trespassing, possession of stolen property, possession of blank checks and possession of a controlled substance.

Desmond Jones, 33, of Santa Monica had bail set at $1,000. Ebony Harter, 30, homeless had bail set at $20,000.