Electoral College protest


A new generation of voters will finally begin to understand the constitution of the United States.

Driving populations to urban centers and then distributing electoral votes the same old way, is a disenfranchisement of people’s rights. It is constitutionally correct for the people to show their will and to actively voice their opinions through peaceful demonstrations.

There is no common ground to stand on in regards to Steve Bannon. Either a person seeks to understand the ramifications of such a person strategizing from the executive branch of government or they be disappointed when the results don’t happen they way they expect.

Clearly people will find ways to express their opinions and just as many mayors and police chiefs have already done, they will draw a line that they will not cross. Call it a revolt, call it a revolution, or call it a clarification or “active democracy”

I call for massive all-night demonstrations on the evening of December 18th; the Electoral College meets on the 19th!

The more attention on the electoral process in an election that saw Trump loose by more than 2 million votes the more pressure on electors to obstain or switch.  if more switch than in any in other election it helps to make the statement that Trump has no mandate. Democrats in Congress desperately need that support in the coming year. It also will help to eliminate the electoral system in the future. Lastly, it will help support momentum towards future protests.

And,  the appointment of Steve Bannon needs to be called out forcefully.  The American people need to draw the line or else we have already committed suicide and we just don’t know it yet.

Electors need to see that they can throw the final say over to the House of Representatives and there, all the issues can and would be debated on the open floor; making it a fair fight!

Ken Robin

Santa Monica