Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

I have raised this issue with previous council members in the past. I am deeply opposed to the Starline Tours getting special access to the streets and stops in Santa Monica with their stinky diesel smoke spewing buses that likely have zero emissions controls, because they are old dilapidated buses with old diesel engines. When they drive by my third floor apartment on Ocean Ave numerous times per day, the black fumes billow into my unit and my neighbors units.

But today was the topper of why I am sick and tired of these buses. As I was riding my bicycle down Main Street past The Edgemar Center for The Arts, Starline Bus #334, driven by a guy who looked like Arsenio Hall when he was a young hipster, haphazardly pulled his bus up to the City Sanctioned Bus Stop for Starline, but his bus was only half way in the parking spot, with the other half of the bus blocking the bike lane and a corner of the bus still in the roadway. When I finally got around him, I yelled, “get out of the bike lane” and he honked his horn at me and when he drove by yelled “Fuck You”.

I believe the Starline should be banned from the city immediately and the bus stops be converted back to spaces that locals and other visitors can use to park their cars. We do not need Starline in this city!


Daniel F. Stevens