Long ago, Santa Monica citizens put 2-3 story restrictions on development, knowing Santa Monica doesn’t have the street capacity for anything larger.

Several years ago, we had Measure T on the ballot (low rise/no high rise) — volunteer led. We were swamped by mega bucks developers (with very duplicitous ads) led by Shiela Kuhl. We lost.

Now we have Measure LV — same scenario with Measure T. We wouldn’t have lost the trailer park, Norm’s and other businesses. There are 40 more projects waiting for Measure LV to fail, projects of 6 – 20 stories.

Are you willing to gather signatures to stop the 40?

Yes on LV.

Vote for Armen Melkonians and don’t vote for the incumbents who have facilitated the downtown mess.

  1. Gale Elton

Santa Monica