On October 29, at approximately 7:25 p.m.

Public Service Officers from the Santa Monica Police Department were patrolling Tongva Park and heard what sounded like two people inside one of the male public restrooms. The officers asked the subjects to open the bathroom door, but they refused. Police officers arrived shortly afterward to assist the PSO’s. A female suspect exited the bathroom first, so the officers detained her for violating the municipal code that prevents people from using public bathrooms not assigned to their gender. While questioning the woman, she admitted she had syringes in her backpack. Officers searched the backpack and found four empty syringes, as well as one that appeared to be filled with liquid methamphetamine. The male suspect then exited the restroom and was detained by the officers as well. While searching him, officers found three empty syringes and a credit card belonging to another person. Both suspects were then taken into custody for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of lost property.

Vincent Samuel Boyer, 27, homeless, was arrested for appropriation of lost property. Bail was set at $500.

Tyaira Lenora Gonzales, 21, homeless, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Bail was set at $2,000.