On October 26, at about 10:30 a.m.

Officers were dispatched to the area of Ocean and Colorado regarding a group of subjects fighting and throwing things into the street. When officers arrived, there were several subjects walking away from the area. Two officers contacted one of the subjects who was seen walking with a large stick. He was asked if he was involved in the fight which he said he was not. The subject consented to letting the officers check him for anything illegal in his possession. As the subject emptied his pockets onto the ledge of a wall, the officers noticed he had business checks from “ICONMOBILE” (a local business at 820 Broadway) that were addressed to two other people. The subject said his friend gave him the checks and that the police could have them if they wanted. The checks appeared to be issued for corporate re-imbursement purposes. The officers called the business and spoke to the Office Manager. The Office Manager stated she placed the two checks into a manila envelope and in their office mailbox. No one had permission to take the checks and she did not know the subject. The subject later said someone gave him the checks and he was going to deposit them into “Megan’s” account. He could not provide any further info on Megan. The subject was arrested for Receiving Stolen Property and Probation (Theft) Violation.

Bradley Mark Kowalski, 34, transient, bail was set at $10,000.