Residents are advising me they’re receiving a printed piece with the headline “A message from Kevin McKeown about the dangers of LV.”

This piece features quotes from an email I recently sent constituents.  I stand by those quotes, and my reasons for urging a “no” vote, because Measure LV is poorly thought out, too extreme, and fatally flawed with unintended consequences.

However, the printed piece is not a “message from me.”  I did not create it, I did not authorize it, and I did not pay for it.  Santa Monica Forward did.  I have told the paid campaigns against Measure LV that they do not have the right to speak for me, or to make it appear I speak for them, and that I would call them on it if they violated that agreement.

This is that call.

I continue to endorse a no vote on Measure LV, for reasons I have also explained here in the Daily Press, but that printed piece misrepresents my relationship with paid campaigns.  I had no involvement other than to be quoted, accurately, on things I had already said independently.

Measure LV is just not good for our city.  When this is over, a week from now, I will continue to work with residents to address our very real challenges.

Kevin McKeown