I received some junk mail from Santa Monica Forward warning me that Measure LV is bad for condo owners. I don’t think so. My own condo HOA supports LV.

Who’s right? Use your common sense. Property values are largely determined by supply and demand. If LV limits future growth, that means the value of current homes and condos rises. That’s good for current condo owners.

This “Forward” mailer resembles one of SMRR’s past dirty tricks. In the 1990s I’d received a mailer promoting an alleged “Homeowner’s Slate” that promised to fight both landlords and tenants for homeowner interests. But upon inspection, I saw that the “Homeowner’s Slate” candidates were identical to SMRR’s slate.

As a longtime condo owner, I believe my best interests are served by voting Yes on LV.

Thomas M. Sipos

Santa Monica