Venice beach overhead.


Ghost tourism and hunting has shot up in the past years, mainly due to the public’s interest in the supernatural, especially during the Halloween time.

Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours is offering a very unique event this Halloween, The Ghost Hunting Experience. The event allows guests to be part of an actual ghost hunt in a haunted location, the Venice Beach Bar.

The Venice Beach Bar is rumored to be the former home of Jim Morrison, and current staff has reported numerous paranormal occurrences that include objects moving on their own and a picture that changes its expression while being observed.

The experience is an actual paranormal investigation that allows guest a hands on opportunity to use real ghost hunting equipment to try to find evidence of the supernatural.

“During the experience, guests will hear true tales of the history and haunting of the Venice Beach Bar, they will take part in an old-fashioned séance,” said Candace Fahey, co-founder of Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours.

The bar has never been investigated before; this is the first event of its kind in this location.

“The Venice Beach Bar has a rich, fascinating history,” says Zack Fahey, co-founder and historian of Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours. “It was a creative space, but its later history is much darker. There were drugs and murders…all of these things can contribute to a haunting. It will be interesting to see what we discover.”

The weekend of the tour is the only time the public is allowed onto the property after hours. People will walk into the room of Jim Morrison, and experience the whole location.

Jo Nilson, co-founder of the Ghost Hunting Experience said, “The event is definitely an experience for those who want to experience an actual ghost hunt but aren’t going to of out and join a ghost hunting group. For experienced ghost hunters, they are welcome to bring their own equipment and this is the opportunity for them get into a very haunted location that is not normally open to anyone to investigate.”

The team went on a preliminary investigation and within five minutes they experienced supernatural activity.

“There are a lot of Halloween events to chose from around here but this is very different. It’s an exclusive event and we are keeping the numbers low to make sure it’s a good experience for everyone”, said Candace. “There are no lines and no crowds. If you want to try to have a real, supernatural experience, this is place!”

The Ghost Hunting team focuses on giving back to the community, this year the event team will be collecting items and donating them to the LA Mission. Personal care items such as toothpaste toothbrushes, body wash, hair brushes along with clothing items will be accepted. More donation items can be found on their website.

“We feel passionate about giving back to the community and the LA Mission is a wonderful organization,” say Candace. “We admire their work so much. There was a homeless man who lost his life in front of the Venice Beach Bar. In his honor, we will be collecting everyday items to donate to the mission.

The Oct. 22 Ghost Hunting Experience is sold out, leaving Friday, Oct. 21 the only date left to attend.

The investigation takes place at the Venice Beach Bar, 323 Ocean Front Walk, Venice. It starts at 11 p.m. there will be a live band, food and meet and greet with the Southland Ghostbusters. Visit or call 424-299-4441 for more information. Tickets are $40. Visit for more information.


By Marina Andalon