Compromise solution


I have been following avidly the articles in the SMDP presenting both sides of the measure LV controversy. I have also attended meetings in which both sides of the proposition have been argued.

In his SMDP column on October 12th Councilman McKeown proposes a compromise solution which I believe makes the most sense. He argues that measure LV is too cumbersome and “full of unintended consequences.” Instead of requiring nearly every project over 3 stories be submitted for voter approval, the councilman suggests that only those projects that go beyond the city’s zoning code, and therefore require a “Development Agreement” from the Council, require such a vote. The smaller projects such as remodeling a 4 story building would remain under the purview of the City Council.

This requirement would deal with the vast majority of the behemoth building projects conjured up by the proponents of measure LV. Such a measure would greatly simplify the voting process and would likely avoid the unintended consequences such as disaster reconstruction.

Barry Engelman

Santa Monica