Measure LV Too Extreme Too Full of Frightening Loopholes


The LV (LUV) initiative focuses on old problems and concerns.  It does not offer anything innovative or creative.  It merely wants to “shut things down.”

A new generation 80 million strong will change the old and outdated blind adherence to fossil fuel and the excessive consumption of earth’s resources.  They want to try new ways that cut down on cars and needed parking space, promote alternative transportations and energy sources.  The process has already begun.

The LV (LUV) initiative seems fearful of the future.  In a regressive return to the “way it used to be,” it promotes exclusivity and minimizes diversity.  Only the well-to-do will be able to afford to live in Santa Monica.

Unfettered change can lead to unintentional consequences whereas a steady and well thought out plan can build a secure and successful future for us all.

The Downtown Planning Commission presented a slide show and talk of the future of Santa Monica to interested residents.  It was broad based and planned for sensible growth for the next twenty years, emphasizing balance, reasonable growth and quality of life for all of Santa Monica.

There are important questions to ask yourself suggested by the LV measure if passed:

Can we afford the time and money to put any current hospital, school, fire or police station for repair approval by election after an emergency?

Did you realize some current building over two stories that needs repairs or remodeling will require an election for approval?

If you currently live in a residential building or rent/lease in an office building over two stories, will your landlord spend the money to fund a ballot measure plus repair your building?

Shari Mattingly and Amy Yutani

Santa Monica