Panic mode


Kevin McKeown is really in panic mode in his frantic attempts to repulse the LV initiative. He twists himself in pretzels to justify his anti-LV stance and stands firm allowing City Council solely to determine what Santa Monica should look like. Why let Santa Monica residents participate in the future of their city? What a crazy idea! Mr. McKeown has suggested that LV would cause climate change, would deprive newborn Santa Monicans of a place to live, force seniors from their homes, make traffic worse (if that is possible) and will cause all sorts crises and  dreadful unintended consequences. This is the same person a year ago that proposed “talking gas pumps.” He also claims that the League of Women Voters believe that empowering the voters will “overwhelm and confuse us”. Really? Who is “us”?  Our City Council? Mr. McKeown may be having panic attacks but he still knows the City Council has the multimillionaire developers in their back pockets and the high-rise developers can easily out-spend the Santa Monica residents and LV supporters

Don Wagner

Santa Monica