On October 9 at about 4:28 p.m.

Homeless Liaison Officers were conducting a periodic check to the rear of 1707 Cloverfield regarding complaints of trespassers and drug activity. The officers saw two subjects trespassing on the property at the rear of the parking lot.

They were in a cardboard shelter with bike parts, alcohol, and several shopping carts filled with property, trash, food and drinks. One of the subjects was in possession of a new bike tire and claimed the rest of his bike was in Los Angeles. The subject also said he was a meth addict, had open wounds and infections on his legs and arms, and had unopened syringes in his backpack. When he opened his backpack, the officers could see 9” bolt cutters inside.

He later admitted to using the bolt cutters to cut locks. Additionally, he told the officers that you don’t need a tool to defeat Ulocks. He said he leverages them by positioning the bike frame so that you twist the frame to brake the lock. The subjects were later released with citations due to medical concerns.

Anthony Garcia, 44, of Hollywood and Henry Lee Boykins, 60, homeless were released with a citation.