Recently, Wells Fargo customers received an email from John Stumpf, CEO at Wells Fargo, titled “Our commitment to you.”

This is my response: Words, words, words.

We are all so tired of the greed. Capitalism at its lowest!

Personally, I would like to see Wells Fargo make great charitable contributions along with Mr. John Stumpf making some very, very large charitable contributions, to those suffering around the world.

Perhaps, Wells Fargo and Mr. Stumpf will consider:

  1. hosting a refugee family in every town where there is a Wells Fargo Bank
  2. send teams to Haiti and other disaster riddled areas to build wells, roads, homes and bridges
  3. contribute, way more fully, to local community non-profits
  4. sponsor community programs to heal racism
  5. create job opportunities for youth at risk
  6. Pray hard for guidance, as the needs are very great and your pockets are very full.

Cindy E. McQuade
Santa Monica