Moose Lodge

The Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation will hold a community meeting Friday evening, Oct. 14, at the Moose Lodge, 1600 Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa

Monica, to celebrate the Santa Monica City Council’s recent approval of conceptual plans for the Phase I expansion of Airport Park, and to hear a

representative from the Our Parks LA Coalition explain how L.A. County Measure A, for parks funding, can help Santa Monica finance new park construction.

The featured speaker at the meeting will be Alina Bokde. Bokde will discuss Measure A, a countywide measure on the Nov. 8 ballot to fund parks and open

space improvements. The Santa Monica City Council has identified five parks projects, including at Santa Monica airport, to be eligible for Measure A funds if

it passes. At the community meeting there will also be a presentation and discussion about the City Council’s recent decision to begin planning for conversion

of the entire airport into a great park, and what the role of the foundation and the public will be in that process. Refreshments and a cookout will start at 6:30

p.m., and the program will begin at 7 p.m. In a statement Neil Carrey, President of the foundation, said, “The foundation is holding the meeting to inform our

supporters of the City Council’s recent approval of conceptual plans for the expansion of Airport Park, and to hear about what we can do to support Measure


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  • Submitted by Frank Gruber