Lou and Shanna Ferrigno


The Santa Monica based Ferrigno family are expanding their fitness business with a new set of products designed to bring health into the home.

Lou Ferrigno, and daughter Shanna Ferrigno are launching their new pharmaceutical grade line of supplements, Ferrigno Fuel, creating new apparel and packaging fitness products for personal delivery with their new Ferrigno Fit box.

The father, daughter fitness duo founded the Santa Monica based Ferrigno FIT (Focus, Invest, Take Action) together and the brand celebrates a positive and a healthy lifestyle.

The family has lived in Santa Monica for more than thirty years, taught classes on the Santa Monica pier and Shanna attended local schools.

With a growing trend of home delivery subscriptions, Shanna and Lou decided it was time for a box to be filled with items that focused on living a healthy, fit, and positive lifestyle and delivered to their customer’s doorsteps.

“What makes this box amazing and great is that it is shipped to your door and there is something in the box for everyone,” said Shanna Ferrigno, CEO and daughter. “Whether you are a hard core athlete or a beginner, learning about meal prepping. There is something in the box that will help you move forward.”

The box has a bingo container, pamphlets to help with meal prepping. The box provides High Intensity Interval Training, (HIIT) cards to create your own workout. Inside there are suctions tens to help with soreness and every period there will be a few boxes with signed DVD’s by Lou Ferrigno.

The first FIT box will be shipped this week.

The Ferrigno FIT box is priced at $39 per box, with the retail value in the box at $150. The box is delivered to the doorstep every eight weeks and doesn’t contain repeat items.

“This generation is experiencing so many different diet fads and gimmicks that it is confusing people. I think it is better to know more about what you are consuming and buying and understanding why we are surrounded by all this negative bad food or sugar. Ferrigno FIT is only going to provide you with products that help you reach your goal,” said Shanna.

In addition to founding Ferrigno FIT, Shanna is a National Motivational Speaker and Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. She has capitalized on some of her life experience to write a new book to be released early next year called the The Reset: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight.

She said it is not another fad diet book. There is no plan that promises extreme weight loss, the book presents a safe, sane and reasonable plan to lose weight. Shanna provides a detailed plan for food and exercise and wants the reader to understand why they have let themselves get out of control in the first place. She uses her motivational techniques to help the readers live the healthy mental, physical and spiritual lifestyle.

In the near future she will be featured on Z Living Network, as a lifestyle coach, launching a detox program, a new supplement line along with working on a video series, including her father Lou.

“I think what makes our fitness program unique and different is the fact we are a father daughter team,” said Shanna. “We might have an age gap but they benefits us in reaching a variety of customers. Ferrigno FIT is going to far and this is only the beginning.”

For more information regarding the Ferrigno Fit box or Shanna’s new book you can visit https://ferrignofitbox.com.

By Marina Andalon