On September 19, at about 2:17 a.m. officers were driving in the 1600 block of Santa Monica Boulevard observed the subject exit a nearby 7-Eleven store and begin walking west toward 16th Street.

The subject noticed the officers, reached into his waistband, and removed something. The subject walked to a nearby bush and placed the item on the ground underneath the plants. The officers, believing the subject might have discarded a weapon or other contraband contacted the subject and learned he was on probation.

The subject denied placing anything in the shrubbery; however, when the officers started searching the area, he admitted to throwing away a can of beer. Officers located a can of beer, along with a silver folding knife. Officers were unable to positively identify the suspect. The suspect was placed under arrest.

Taylor Ryan Olivarez, 27, of Santa Monica was arrested and issued a citation.