The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will begin applying steel fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete (shotcrete) to an ocean-side slope near Big Rock Road along Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) to prevent additional erosion to the slope supporting the highway and to help protect utility lines. Work is expected to start on Wednesday, Sept. 14. The project is expected to finish in late-October.

The work will require a shoulder closure on southbound SR-1. Temporary lane closures may occur on southbound lanes. Construction crews will work Monday through Friday. Tidal influences will require crews to adjust work schedules. Construction noise and vibrations may occur when crews operate construction equipment.

We ask motorists and cyclists to share the road in the work zone and Be Work Zone Alert.

The sea wall will be 20-foot tall and 150-feet wide. The contractor will insert steel rebars into the slope, spray shotcrete onto the exposed slopes, and rearrange rocks that are already on the beach to help protect the bottom (toe) of the slope.

Union Engineering, Inc. of Santa Maria, California was awarded this $291,000 contract that is funded by the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).

  • Submitted by Patrick Chandler, Caltrans Public Information Officer,