An idea for SMMUSD


Here’s an idea for SMMUSD: Take the $91,636.65 you just saved on not having a school board election and immediately pay back the Samohi orchestra students who were denied their trip to Europe and then denied their travel insurance claim.

Pay them back now!

Kurt Schwengel

Kindergarten teacher, SMMUSD


Clearing the air on SMO


We are all pleased with the progress being made on gaining local control of the land we own at the airport.

I think it’s worth noting, though, as I did earlier this week in a letter to the newspaper, that this progress came about because of the united work of all seven councilmembers.

Grossly inaccurate materials have been circulated in some Santa Monica neighborhoods alleging that the Council was split on this, and even that one Councilmember in particular was “for sale.” The proof to the contrary is in the vote, folks: It was unanimous on a motion by Ted Winterer to close the airport, remove the commercial FBOs (eliminating leaded fuel), apply to close the Western Parcel to aviation, begin active planning for our “great park,” etc.

I suspect the egos involved are too invested for apologies to be forthcoming, although they’re certainly due. Going forward, I hope the evidence is clear that the Santa Monica City Council, all of it, is committed to the kind of progress we saw Tuesday night.

Councilmember Kevin McKeown

Santa Monica