Before I write about my friend Jerry Rosenblum, 94 years young, I must make mention of Donald Trump’s latest hypocrisy. Seemingly forever, Trump has been shouting at his rallies, which frankly have a lynch mob feel, “There are 12 million illegals in the U.S., and they gotta go!” (Adding they would be thrown out by a massive “deportation force.”) Well, as of two days ago, Don the Con has done a shameless “flip-flop.” (For a hysterical video spoof, Google “Hitler finds out Trump supports amnesty and he’s not happy.”)

As an aside, I’m always shocked by Trump’s third-grade vocabulary as he hurls insults, i.e. “losers,” “idiots,” “morons.” And then there’s his constant, “People tell me” as if anyone actually told him. In fact, when Trump says “People tell me” that really means “I’m just making this crap up.” I fear Don the Con couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. (Instead, God forbid, ours may.)

The height of hypocrisy, Trump recently expressed “regret” over things he said that “caused personal pain” to others. But, as he read from the teleprompter, he couldn’t hide a sarcastic smile. To me, he’s as genuine as a snake oil salesman.

Sure enough, within two days, Trump was back on Twitter. Apparently The Donald’s fragile ego had been bruised, which resulted in perhaps his most malicious and malignant 140 characters ever. It was directed at Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenski, co-hosts of “Morning Joe,” on MSNBC. In true misogynist style, Trump referred to Mika as “very insecure and neurotic.” He should talk. Trump’s skin is so thin on Facebook, he’s referred to as “Trumpelthinskin.”

In the rest of his tweet and like a schoolyard bully, Trump seemed to threaten “spilling the beans” on Mika and Joe’s affair. (Probably not true but proves there’s apparently no level Trump won’t stoop to. He’s just despicable.)

Divorced, Mika has two daughters, one in high school and one in college, while Joe, also divorced, has two sons and a daughter who just turned 13. That makes five fairly young people who will undoubtedly see or be shown Trump’s cruel tweet. There’s got to be a special place in Hates for someone who mocks the disabled, insults Gold Star parents and stirs up such hate. But I say that with all due respect.

Pivoting from the dark to the light, brings me to my friend Jerry Rosenblum. A retired clothier, Jerry moved to Santa Monica in 1971 and worked at the top men’s clothing store in town at the time, Mike Caruso’s on Wilshire. Jerry has also been a staunch fan of Hillary Clinton from her days as First Lady.

In fact, two years ago, Jerry drove to Barnes & Noble in the Grove next to the farmers market at 7 a.m. just to beat the crowd to buy her newly released book, “Hard Choices.” Unfortunately, there were 500 people ahead of him. Yikes!

At 92, Jerry merely got in line and chatted up those around him as they waited … for four hours! Finally, just as they were about to enter the store, Jerry had to use the restroom. Two young women said they would hold his place but when Jerry got back they were already inside. Security let Jerry in. The women had already bought him the book and refused to let him reimburse them. But Jerry wanted the it autographed and that meant another line and… 3 more hours!

A winner of amateur singing contests, Jerry is such an admirer of Hillary that he’s written and performed songs about her. His close friend, Katie Miller, posted them on YouTube, which prompted Hillary to send Jerry a personal thank you. But at Barnes & Noble, after seven long hours, when Jerry finally came face to face with Hillary, he couldn’t help but joke. “You know Mrs. Clinton, when I first got in line, I was a young man.”

Jerry’s recently adapted a song entitled “Margie,” originally recorded in 1920. (Ironically, the year the 19th Amendment gave women got the right to vote.) Jerry switched the title character from Margie to Hillary and made other minor changes. You can see it at YouTube by typing “94-year-old Jerry writes another song.” All I can say is, if Hillary wins in November, she better invite my friend Jerry to the inauguration.

To see his signature song, “I Did It My Way,” Google “Jerry Rosenblum 90 years young.”

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