The recent column about bullying in the Daily Press is outrageous! I can’t even believe this type of thing is happening in SMMUSD.

Those bullies don’t need to be suspended, which is basically a free vacation to watch TV and play video games all day. They need to be required — along with their parents and administrators alike — to attend mandatory day-long workshops on this topic. If the parents have to miss work, too bad: Teach your child not to hurt other human beings.

We hear in the paper about the school board’s efforts to address inequity in the district, particularly amongst minority children, e.g. the consultant it hired last year. Why can’t this same care and attention be given to children who bully and to those who are bullied?

And what is the State of California doing about bullying? Take the money out of our prison budgets and invest in the communities that elected you into office to begin with.

And finally, the City Council must take action too and not just say, “We don’t have any control over the district.” And if the child were to kill himself because of the bullying, would it then become the City’s problem because now SMPD is at his parents’ door?

David Whatley
Santa Monica