Aug. 23 is a big day, not just for the future of Santa Monica Airport but for local democracy.

City Council will reveal whether they have the courage to implement their policy of closing down the airport.

The key obstacle in the way of it is a company called Atlantic Aviation.

They are responsible for 90 percent of the private jet flights that are ruining the lives and health of local people.

Since the council took back control of the airport last year, jet flights have actually increased — by 10 percent.

The council has written to Atlantic telling them they have no right to be there — but they haven’t told them to leave.

It’s the next obvious move, but clearly the super-rich, the politically powerful and big corporations will be putting maximum pressure on our seven councilors to let them stay. After all, flying in and out of Santa Monica in your private jet is easy and convenient — as long as you ignore the damage you’re doing to the thousands of people who live below.

We’ll be watching closely on Aug. 23 to see if the council shows they really mean what they say about shutting the airport by telling Atlantic to go — proving, at the same time, that local democracy really works.

Gavin Scott
Santa Monica