The problem is each student from a socioeconomic background may be dealing with social issues. For example: leaves school in order to take care of younger siblings. I am speaking from an experiences point of view. Each student is unique in his or her own way.

What should be implemented are tutoring programs. Many students need a one-on-one correspondent. For example: I paid to have my son tutored in math because I am not good in math. Many students lack educated parent or parents and need specialized programs to help them reach their potential goals.

There will always be a gap between students because of students’ socioeconomic backgrounds. Many children have to explore their surroundings. They cannot explore if they do have the money to travel to different place or even to the beach. Many of these student do not get an allowance, so therefore the only thing visible to them is the environment they live in.

Many teachers do not care because it is not their children who are being deprived. Everyone talking about Mr. Trump being a racist, but we all are bias and many do not express it up front, but show it in other ways.

This problem is not about the district, but about the students and the students should be the focal point. The district need to do more communicating with the parents to get help to assist the student so each child can reach their potential.

Wanda Martin
Santa Monica