I swore I wouldn’t, but I watched the entire five-part ESPN documentary series about O.J. Simpson, “O.J.: Made in America.” Actually, it was riveting. And also disturbing, including the graphic murder scenes. O.J., aka “Juice” in the documentary, tells so many bald-face lies that, call me biased, it reminded me of … Donald Trump (aka “Orange Man”).

For example, the bloody footprint of Nicole and Ron’s murderer. He was wearing size-12 Bruno Magli shoes and there were only 299 pairs imported into the U.S. O.J. just happens to wear size 12 shoe but defiantly proclaimed, “I wouldn’t wear those ugly-a** shoes!”

At the civil trial in Santa Monica, tons of photos surfaced of O.J. wearing those ugly you-know-whats. And what did O.J. say? “Those aren’t my shoes.” Apparently O.J. wanted us to believe that someone forced him to wear the Bruno Maglis over and over. A kid in grade school wouldn’t concoct such a lame excuse. But Trump would.

In July 2015, Trump infamously said of John McCain, “He’s no war hero.” However, Trump later insisted he hadn’t said it. We all saw it, just as we saw the photos of O.J. in the Bruno Maglis. It’s as though their narcissism emboldens them to believe they can charm (O.J.) or con (Trump) their way out of anything.   

In September 2015, Trump was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine about Carly Fiorina: “Look at that face!? Would anyone vote for that?” But Trump told Fox News, “I was talking about her persona, not looks.” (As lame as, “I can’t release tax returns because I’m being audited.”)

Days after the murders of Nicole and Ron, O.J. gave three versions of his cut finger. First he cut it on a glass in Chicago when the police informed him Nicole was dead. (Except O.J.’s blood was on the Bronco before he went to Chicago!) Then, O.J. cut his finger chipping golf balls. (We all know how dangerous chipping golf balls can be!) And then he got the cut getting his cellphone out of the Bronco.

Talk about a bad omen. In 1966 and newly arrived on campus, O.J. was interviewed by Daily Trojan sportswriter Paul Morantz, who would go on to become a famed Westside attorney. Juice bragged how, throughout his life, he’d always talked his way out of trouble. Including 28 years later.

Actually, O.J.’s trial should have been in Santa Monica, as the murders were in nearby Brentwood. But D.A. Gil Garcetti was concerned about possible riots if O.J. were convicted by a predominately white jury. Given the “mountain of evidence,” Garcetti was convinced. Even downtown with a predominantly African American jury, there had to be a conviction. In four hours, the jury delivered an acquittal. Go figure.

As for “Orange,” two weeks ago Trump called the universally respected judge in one of three class-action civil lawsuits against him for fraud, “a Mexican” when he was actually born in Indiana. This past week, Trump called for Muslim profiling and said perhaps Muslims should carry cards. He’s called for bringing back waterboarding “and worse,”  and says, “We should take out the families of terrorists,” like he’s a Mafioso.

Now it’s possible Trump’s campaign may be a giant scam like Trump U. With donations, he’s paying his family and his businesses, not to mention hawking his books. (One should be re-titled “Art of the Steal.”) Marco Rubio called Trump “a con artist,” and so do Ronald Reagan’s two sons!

Married three times, and with numerous extramarital affairs, Trump has challenged the religious integrity of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mitt Romney and now Hillary. Questioned if he’s ever asked God for forgiveness, one of the main tenets of the Christian faith, Trump said, “Not really.”

Pontificating on the Orlando massacre, Trump suggested that nightclub patrons should have had guns strapped to their waists: “Then the bullets would have been going in the opposite direction.” Trump’s mixing of booze and bullets is so insane, even the NRA trashed it.

“Juice” may be paroled next year. As for “Orange,” on Monday a woman filed a $100-million federal lawsuit alleging that Trump raped her in 1994, when she was 13. Specious? I’m reminded of Trump as he constantly floats ludicrous stories i.e. Ted Cruz’s father helped Oswald kill JFK. Feigning innocence, Trump shrugs, “All I know is what’s on the Internet, folks.” He’s forever “Don the Con.”

“O.J.: Made in America” is streaming at ESPN.com. Jack can be reached at jnsmdp@aol.com.