For those readers who believe there was a “mandate” or a “landslide” vote in favor of closing the Santa Monica Airport (2014 election LC vs. D), the following are some important facts you may not know:

o As of November 2014, there were 64,625 registered voters in Santa Monica.

o During the 2014 midterm election, Santa Monica saw a very low voter turn out.

o With regard to Measures LC and D, LC received 15,434 “Yes” votes and D received 10,288 “Yes” votes. A difference of only 5,146 votes between the two measures in a City of nearly 90,000.

o This can hardly be considered a “mandate” or a “landslide” vote as the anti-Airport crowd would like us to believe.

o It’s also worthwhile to examine those numbers compared to votes cast for the top vote-getting City Council members. Not a single City Councilmember received more votes than Measure D.

o Kevin McKeown, received only 10,138 votes, while Measure D received 10,288 votes; thus D received 150 votes more than McKeown,

o Sue Himmelrich received only 9,262 votes, while Measure D received 10,288; thus D received 1,026 more votes than Himmelrich.

o Pam O’Connor squeaked by with only 6,696 votes, while Measure D received 10,288 votes; thus D received a whopping 3,592 votes more than O’Connor.

Don’t be fooled by the anti-Airport, pro-development crowd who would like us to believe that a majority of Santa Monica residents want to see the Airport and all of its benefits eliminated. SMO is an asset to the community and it’s obvious from other recent letters to the press that I’m not alone in believing that it needs to be preserved.

Gloria Garvin, PhD

Santa Monica