I once lived in a small town that bordered a pig farm. Once a week the doors were opened in order to “change the air.” The stench that wafted over our entire community permeated everything. Many people would stay inside with the windows shut because they could not stand the fumes.  If clothes were hanging on the line, unsuspecting residents would have to bring all the clothes back in and re-wash them.

When I read the editorial about the Santa Monica Airport and its infrastructure, I felt compelled to write to let people know that though, the airport is an infrastructure for aviation, it certainly is NOT one that is undesirable.

Quite the opposite, the Santa Monica Airport is a hub for jobs, a place for families to go to the museums, learn about aviation, attend art shows and plays. My two children were able to experience flights, free of charge, with the Young Eagles Program. We bring our dogs to the dog park at the airport, and my daughter loves the fish and chips from Spitfire Grill. The airport, in my opinion, is the best asset of Santa Monica because it protects our beautiful community from over development. I’ve learned that it is the airport that prevents the building of high rises in the surrounding area. Century City is inundated with high-rises, and I would not want to see that kind of development in Santa Monica. I trust that once the citizens of Santa Monica know the real facts, they would be more interested in finding out why all these tax-dollars are being spent to eradicate something that is actually good for everyone in the community and the whole region. High rises in Santa Monica?

Now that would really stink.

Angela Eren