Why are the powers that be in the City Hall and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce so afraid of the LUVE initiative that would give Santa Monica residents some say about future developments in our City? They say the LUVE initiative would ruin our schools, churches, health facilities, businesses, cause economic collapse and the City would fall into a chaos worse than the plague. Really? The bottom line is the only thing they care about is their pocketbooks and their developer co-conspirators. We never hear how their development frenzy will impact our quality of life, water supply, air pollution, energy consumption and of course our traffic gridlock. City Hall seems to be engaged in hypocritical environmentalism, although they have given us those little green bicycles to ride, and placed trees and bushes in median dividers on already narrow streets.

Folks, enough is enough! Santa Monica residents must take back our City and preserve what is ours

Support the LUVE initiative in any way you can and let’s show City Hall who they really work for.

Don Wagner

Santa Monica