Someone named Daniel Shenise suggests in the April 6 issue of the Daily Press that Santa Monica residents should just accept all the over-development and that we should plan for visitors from China or Dubai, not current residents. He then compares renters to college kids relying on rent control and says he doesn’t care about mass evictions.

Who is this guy? A guy who does architecture and design work on massive luxury properties. He is pimping his own bottom line. Don’t listen to anything he says.

In the same issue, Judy Abdo and Santa Monica Forward attempt to discredit the LUVE initiative. I almost stopped reading when Forward said LUVE “flies in the face of Democratic planning.” LUVE addresses the total failure of Democratic planning. Residents have screamed for years until they were purple in the face that we don’t want the development, only to be ignored as the SMRR machine, Planning Commission and City Council cram it down our throats.

And don’t be fooled by the “affordable housing” mantra — it is just shilling for SMRR so they can increase their political power. We cannot build our way out of our problems, and our quality of life has already been substantially eroded.

LUVE is the only thing between us and further erosion of our quality of life.

Brandon Marlowe
Santa Monica

Re: California’s minimum wage


This proposal is just plain outrageous! In comparison, I live on Senior Citizen SSI; less than $11,000 a year.

The new $15/hour minimum wage translates to $600/week or $31,200/year.

Does this mean SSI recipients like me can look forward to receiving three times our current payment?

How else can we keep pace with the overpaid minimum wage earners?

David Long
Santa Monica