On March 23 at about 6:20 p.m., a Santa Monica police officer responded to a call of a subject yelling at vehicles and pedestrians in the 1600 block of 4th Street.

The officer was unable to locate the subject, but noticed a man standing nearby panhandling with a sign that read, “On the road please help god bless.” The subject, later identified as Kayo Tiliski, 44, homeless, was panhandling at the Interstate 10 off-ramp, a violation of the Santa Monica Municipal Code.

The officer contacted Tiliski to advise him of the panhandling violation. Tiliski was very angry and told the officer that despite the warning, he would continue to panhandle in that location. Because Tiliski appeared likely to continue to break the law, the officer decided to arrest him.

As soon as he was handcuffed, Tiliski started physically struggling, kicking at the officers and trying to grab their hands and fingers as they tried to control him.

Tiliski was eventually transported to the Santa Monica jail and booked for the municipal code violation, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. Due to medical conditions, he was released with a citation.

Note: Crime Watch is culled from reports provided by the Santa Monica Police Department. These are arrests only. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.