I live on Ocean Avenue in Venice, and very recently Big Blue Bus decided to use our street as part of a regular route. This was not ever communicated to the residents on our street. More importantly, we are not aware of an impact study being conducted prior to around noise/air pollution.

Ocean Avenue is a two-lane residential avenue. At the entrance of Ocean and Venice, there is signage prohibiting vehicles over 6,000 pounds. The Big Blue Bus weighs between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds and the avenue is not built for these types of vehicles.

Ocean Avenue is so narrow that when two Big Blue Buses come against each other, one has to completely stop for fear that their side mirrors may hit one another. This is a clear sign that the road is not built to accommodate such vehicles. Also, how does this provide room for bicyclists? It is clear that this was not a clearly thought out solution on behalf of BBB.

Lastly, I’m sure the residents on this street (of which I am one) would all agree that the Big Blue Bus traversing on streets like Abbot Kinney, where the commercial businesses would benefit from increased eye balls, is a far better benefit to the community as a whole than people riding on a residential street.

Please help our voices be heard.

Donya Mogadam