Editor’s Note:

The chance to work at the Daily Press was the reason I left the bucolic beauty of Sonoma County, but I didn’t make that decision alone. My long-time partner Erin Taylor agreed we should make the jump because we both felt there would be more opportunities for her to also find a new job in Los Angeles.

Turns out, we were right and she is now gainfully employed as Senior Marketing Manager for the City of Santa Monica. We certainly questioned if it was a good idea for her to work for the city that I cover and in the end, we’re both professionals who are capable of doing our jobs well without compromising the integrity of our positions. Her job doesn’t require her to actually interact with the media and if it does, I’ll assign someone else to write that story.

To be clear, I had nothing to do with her applying for or getting the job, I didn’t advocate on her behalf nor did she try to use her association with me to her advantage. We did disclose the relationship to her supervisors before she accepted (because you don’t want to take a job in Santa Monica without disclosing all your potential issues).

Some folks are not going to like this situation, some folks are going to see conspiracies, someone will demand one or the both of us discontinue our jobs. So be it. I can stand behind our coverage of the issues and I’m happy to discuss any perceived bias with anyone who can show the paper has mishandled a story.

I’m sure a few readers have realized that the marketing position is part of the department referenced in the paper earlier this week. Dinner was awkward at our house on Monday.

— Matthew Hall, Daily Press Editor