Dear Councilmembers:

The Santa Monica Democratic Club, reaffirming our commitment to an increased minimum wage for workers in our community, urges the City Council to pass the proposed ordinance before you on Jan. 12, without delay or hesitation.

Our club champions the core values of our democratic party and supports your action in keeping with our own long-standing progressive commitment as the Democratic Club of Santa Monica, a community widely noted as a bellwether in advancing the cause of equity and justice for workers. Further, we applaud Santa Monica’s participation in the regional and national move toward an increased minimum wage, in line with measures recently adopted by our neighboring city of Los Angeles and the county of Los Angeles, bringing the compensation of workers in Santa Monica toward a just and fair standard.

As the new regional wage scale comes into effect, Santa Monica is well poised to implement a policy that improves the wellbeing of its workers and strengthens our local economy.

We support the recommendations in the staff report, with any adjustments the Council may find necessary to ensure the final ordinance will work for our community, and commend the staff’s work in including measures addressing the provision of sick days, protecting tips, and continuing to honor worker’s right to organize and collectively negotiate the best package of pay and benefits.

Sion Roy on behalf of the Executive Board of the Santa Monica Democratic Club