On Dec. 17 at about 5:09 p.m., Santa Monica police officers were dispatched to a possible vehicle burglary in the 1000 block of Broadway. The suspect was described as wearing dark clothing and having dreadlocks. When officers arrived, they saw the suspect walking away from a business with two people following.

The officers asked the people if a crime had occurred, and one of them replied the suspect attempted to rob him and they were involved in a physical altercation. The officers asked the victim and witness to go back to the business where it was safe while they attempted to detain the suspect.

The suspect was looking over his back at the officers and saying he didn’t want to talk. The suspect ignored the officer’s commands and kept walking away. When the officers got close, the suspect turned and took an aggressive boxing-style stance and yelled at the officers.

The suspect lunged towards the officers, who then deployed their taser while giving additional commands to get on the ground. The taser was ineffective, so the officers wrapped up his legs and brought him to the ground. The suspect was kicking and punching and grabbing an officer’s radio microphone in an attempt escape the officers’ hold. The officers gained control and placed handcuffs on the suspect.

The officers returned to the business to talk to the victim. The victim said he and his daughter were in their car backing out of the lot and were stopped to let pedestrians walk by. The suspect jumped on the trunk of the vehicle and then told the victim, “You hit me, give me some money.” The victim said he was not going to give him money, then the suspect spit in the victims face, lunged at him, and then reached into the victim’s pants pockets.

The victim tried to walk away, but the suspect began punching him in the face. The victim was able to get away and run into the store, at which point the suspect said he was going to kill everyone.

Darryle Andrew McIntosh, 27, of Santa Monica, had bail set at $50,000.