It’s Christmas time and for me that means a trip to Mexico where I get to hang poolside, and do some intensive relaxing as I consider the course for the coming year. To me, being able to step back and see what the last year has brought me, and what I accomplished, and what I want to accomplish is an important part of life. This is also the time of year when I can submerge myself in those books that I wanted to read all year — and for me this year’s first book was written by a couple of friends of mine and fellow podcasters, Jared Easley and Kimanzi Constable.

Last Wednesday I was preparing to leave town, so I was rushing about picking up laundry, getting the dog groomed at Pet Affaire, and grabbing a last minute workout at the Loews Hotel and throughout the day I was Facebook messaging with Jared and Kimanzi about their book and setting a time for them to come on my podcast to talk about it, yadda yadda yadda, all that stuff that’s involved when you try to coordinate three busy people’s lives – it’s like herding cats, but not as simple.

So finally the day is over, I get to LAX, it’s a freaking zoo a week before Christmas so I’m really happy that I’ve upgraded my flight to Guadalajara on Delta business class. (It was a $40 upgrade, so I couldn’t say no!)

I’ve always been told that you should always fly business class because the people you meet along the way are more likely to be the movers and shakers in the world, and if you look at it as an investment rather than an expense it softens the pain of the higher price.

One of the benefits of business class is access to the lounge area, which has food, drinks, Internet access that is better than the airport Wi-Fi and is a quieter environment to be in. It’s also safer for when you need to step away from your bag, you don’t feel that it’s going to be stolen, plus the seats are tremendously more comfortable.

Flying internationally requires more time at the airport, so I arrived way ahead of my scheduled flight time. Of course that means I sail through security because that’s the way the world works. If I was running late, it would be delays and pat-downs at TSA.

I get to the lounge, grab a seat, get ready to go have some snacks and a coffee, and I look over, and who do I see but Jared and Kimanzi! It was an unexpected Christmas gift. As I walk up them, Jared’s face bursts into his giant smile and he’s like, “No way! We were just talking about how much of a coincidence it was that WE met here.” Jared and Kimanzi didn’t know that each of them would be in the Delta lounge either, so they were surprised to see each other, and then I walk up to add to the serendipity of the night.

Happy events like running into a friend in a lounge when neither of you expects to see the other is one of the great joys in life, and makes for a great story. It’s one of those moments that all involved will remember.

I’ve known Jared for a few years now; he is host along with Kimanzi of the “Starve The Doubts” podcast. Their show is about moving past your fears and doubts and pursuing your dreams. Jared and I met in Dallas a couple of years back at the inaugural Podcast Movement, which is a conference for podcasters that I was lucky enough to attend when Jared and his partner Dan Franks did a crowdfunding campaign to see if there was enough interest to bring together podcasters. It was such a successful campaign that they had to move the conference to a larger space.

That conference is a testament to the true message that Jared and Kimanzi share on their podcast and in their new book “Stop Chasing Influencers.” The book is a step-by-step guide to creating your own success story and not relying on the Blanche DuBois principle of “the kindness of strangers.” In it they share their experiences at pursuing business development, what worked and what didn’t.

“Stop Chasing Influencers” is one of the best business and motivation books that I’ve read in quite a while, because it’s authentic and true. The authors share where they came from. One owed $180,000 in back taxes, and one was burned out on his career — places that are real and will resonate with the reader — so when they share their path to success it’s an honest and open tale of the effort it took to succeed.

Right now they have a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and their premiums are some pretty awesome options. If you know someone who is looking to start an online business and could use a good game plan, or is just looking to make some life changes, this is the stocking-stuffer to get them. It’s available at

You can hear Jared and me talk about his book and the path to his success on my podcast, which you can download from iTunes or the Men’s Family Law website at